Willkommen auf dem Pukka Planeten und seinen Stories. Jede davon ist ein Teil der Pukka Vision, Menschen, Pflanzen und die Erde miteinander zu verbinden. Im Pukka Newsroom werden wir von Zeit zu Zeit ausgewählte Stories auch auf Deutsch veröffentlichen. Wir wünschen entspannten Lesegenuß!

22nd Dezember 2015

New You programme, week 1: cleanse

Welcome to week one of Pukka’s New You wellness programme, a month long plan to help your body prepare for the year ahead. We begin our programme with a focus on cleansing.

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9th Dezember 2015

How wrong is a piece of string?

Whether we know it or not, cotton plays a big part in all our lives. There is a good chance that you will be wearing some cotton threads as you read this – perhaps a cotton t-shirt or a pair of jeans? We wear it all the time, but how many of us know where it comes from and how it’s produced?

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26th November 2015

What's so important about COP21?

From 30 November to 11 December 2015 all eyes will be on Paris for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (known as COP21). The conference is being seen as last chance saloon to reach a global agreement on carbon targets. The great hope is that these targets will limit climate change to manageable levels. But why does this matter so much? And what can we all do about it?

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2nd November 2015

Drinking your greens

Pukka Planet regular Suze Pole interviews the inspirational Nadia Brydon, a leading light in complementary and alternative medicine with an unusual approach for a nutritionist.

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28th Oktober 2015

Herbs to help you this winter

Sebastian Pole, Ayurvedic practitioner and Pukka Herbs’ Master Herbsmith shares the herbal warriors he reaches for when it gets cold.

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21st Oktober 2015

Breathe deep to cleanse your mind and body

Society often sees the body as toxic and dirty - the imbalanced relationship we have with dieting or the huge sales of laxatives shows this. But we’re not inherently ‘toxic’- we’re just exposed to toxic environmental pollutants – especially in our big cities.

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21st Oktober 2015

A colourful interview with Sebastian Pole

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s co-founder and Master Herbsmith, gives an exclusive interview to Pukka Planet about the colorful world of herbs and how they can help our wellbeing particularly in chillier winter months.

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